Joyful Data is a creative tool for making data-driven graphics.

When Priti first shared it with me I couldn’t figure out head or tail of it except that it would be a good way to create data art.

I revisited it after two weeks and realized it was the syntax that was unusual for me.

Two days ago I revisited it again with a better clarity and wanted to play with Indian political data. I created a simple dataset as follows (single item from the JSON object):

// source:
  "Region": "South",
  "Name": "Andhra Pradesh",
  "Seats": 175,
  "Central-Govt-Party": 0,
  "Each": 1

Each Indian state is a box, size is the # of legislative constituencies in a state, color is based on the party in the central government matches that of the party in the state government.

This created interesting art! All from a JSON file, that’s pretty neat.

boxed parties Source:

It can take some time to figure out the order of instructions to draw a shape.

Joyful Data can be a great way:

  • to create small multiple visuals that convey insights
  • to create data art/cards*
  • to incrementally teach data visualization properties

* I’m interested in giving away data art to people and few additional options in Joyful Data will be useful:

  • option to add title
  • export to SVG
  • custom dimensions
  • view all created visuals like d3 Gallery


I created Joyful Data Recipes as a way to collect recipes for data art. Submit yours!

If you’ve any feedback share on DVS Slack or with Priti.